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Kelly Kirby Piano Program


A special approach to music for children 4 to 8 years old that provides a complete foundation for any music study a child may wish to pursue.


Kelly Kirby’s almost 80 year history speaks for itself! With its roots in Toronto at the Royal Conservatory of Music, this program has formed the foundation of music studies for thousands and thousands of children through Canada and North America. Taught by a large network of trained teacher professionals, your child will love this unique  approach to learning the piano. It builds strong music foundations that will enable them, upon completing the course, to either continue on with the piano or branch off into another instrument.


The program was built psychologically on the kindergarten method of teaching… that is, proceeding from the ‘known’ to the ‘unkown’, and from the ‘thing’ to its ‘sign’.  The Kelly Kirby material is presented in a series of four piano books unique in their presentation of ear training, sight reading, technique and theory.  The completed course provides a thorough development in ear training and note reading (covering the complete range of the musical staff), time and note values, duple, triple and quadruple rhythm, basic musical signs, scale and chord formation in three major keys (introduction of sharps and flats), and a story about the lives of four major composers.  The child’s interest is stimulated as the “story of a musical family” unfolds through the four book presentation.  Children excitedly look forward to finding out about the next new ‘family member’, the sound that they make and the sign that tells them to play that sound! Through a variety of activities, including coloring, cutting and gluing, children develop their fine motor skills as they progress in a natural and constructive way through the program.  The lesson is active, engaging and builds on their knowledge of the known (for example, their family) to the unknown (the musical family).

Today’s parents realize the benefits of early music training.  Music students learn more than how to play their instruments. Kelly Kirby satisfies the desire of the young child who wants to ‘play’ the piano because it is a ‘performance’ training in which ear training, sight reading and piano playing are taught from the very first lesson.

Graduation Certificates are available to children who complete the program with a qualified Kelly Kirby Teacher.  As students move out of the program and on into the RCM Examination program, their achievements in examinations (from Preparatory A level to ARCT level) can be rewarded with scholarships generously distributed annually through Kelly Kirby Publications, provided that they continue their studies with a trained Kelly Kirby teacher and Network Platinum Member.

As valuable and important as any research is, it cannot explain or quantify the joy and fulfillment music brings to our lives and the lives of children!

Kelly Kirby Publications is now owned by Linda Shirley, CEO and Head of School.  For more information on the Kelly Kirby Piano Program, visit the main site.

  • Materials

    Four books, flashcards and a workbook unique in their presentation of ear training, sight reading, technique.

  • Certificates

    Certificates from the Publisher and Director, Linda Shirley, for children who complete the program with a qualified Kelly Kirby teacher.

  • Scholarships

    Student Scholarships available for students of qualifying teachers to encourage the long-term music fundamentals and theory learning process.


If you are looking to register for private music lessons, any of our beginner packages, or music therapy and adapted music lessons, please contact us or fill out the form below to schedule a meeting or a phone call with our School of Music Coordinator to discuss your (or your child’s) goals and schedule in order for us to find the best fit teacher.


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We offer private piano lessons, violin lessons, guitar lessons, drum lessons, voice lessons and theory lessons for adults and children from beginner to advanced levels.

Our group music classes allow for the opportunity to experience the joy of learning and making music with others.
Taught by accredited instructors, we offers music therapy services and adapted lessons to accommodate different learning styles.

We offer this excellent introductory music program for 4 to 8 year olds that provides a complete foundation for any music study a child may wish to pursue.

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