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Private Dance Classes




We offer two options for private lessons throughout the year. Either by a package of hours or ongoing weekly lessons.

Students that want to have a competitive solo, duo, or trio will purchase lessons in 8 hour packages that can be used at any time in the schedule as long as there is studio space free and the teacher is available. These hours can be used to plan choreography for the competitions. Depending on the teacher’s availability and the studio space availability, these 8 hours can be used in varying lengths of classes.

This structure allows for a little bit more freedom in planning for private lessons. A teacher may decide to try to arrange all of his or her private lessons on one day or tack them on to the end of an evening of teaching. It also gives the student’s family more flexibility with their busy schedules because if you are not available for one week, you do not forfeit the class as the schedule is not set in stone.

Students who are competing will be responsible to rehearse their dance routines without their teacher’s presence. Studio space will be available throughout the week and if students want to rehearse they need to arrange to book the studio accordingly. If they are out of instruction hours but want to have the teacher present for rehearsal, they are welcome to request more private lessons as above, they can put the request in with the teacher and add hours to their package with a minimum of 2 hours.

If you’re more interested in having a private lesson that runs for the entire school year, you can discuss with your teachers whether or not he or she has time available to add to their regular group class schedule. If there is an agreeable time in the schedule, you can plan for and pay for the entire year along with your group classes. This would be beneficial for added technical training, or if you feel that the dancer would gain more confidence from a full year of lessons.


The School of Dance yearly program runs from September to June and REGISTRATION IS OPEN. Please fill out the form below with your desired class selections from our 2019/2020 schedule and we will begin the process. If you are unsure of which classes to choose, please contact our School of Dance Coordinator for consultation..

Please fill out the form below to start the registration process, or contact us if you have any questions.
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