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Sing Dance Play!

Sing Dance Play!


Explore beginner music fundamentals through fun and play in this introductory music class!

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Sing like a bird, stomp your feet like an elephant, crawl under the parachute like a bear, or wave your conducting wand to travel to make-believe places. Singing, dancing,
acting, instruments, costumes, and props will be used to make musical concepts come alive! Different themes and stories will be explored each week.
Class Highlights:
• SINGING: vocal warm ups, pitch exploration and in-tune singing, solo singing short phrases when comfortable
• DANCING: free movement and basic choreographed movements, experiencing music through our whole body
• PLAYING: experimenting with different musical elements such as dynamics (loud/soft), tempo (fast/slow), pitch (high/low), beat, rhythm, conducting, imitation, improvisation
• TIMBRE: exposure to different instruments and qualities of sound e.g. wood, metal, guitar, ukulele, xylophone, drums, percussion etc.
• STORIES: to help stimulate the imagination
• Introduction of MUSIC NOTATION using visuals
• SOLFEGE syllables: ear training using the syllables “so, la, mi”
• COLOURING SHEETS: to reinforce concepts learned each week
• And of course FUN!


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