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Kelly Kirby Preparatory Class

Kelly Kirby Preparatory Class


The “Kelly Kirby Preparatory Class” is specifically design for 3 year olds with the goal of developing the skills needed in order to be successful when entering the Kelly Kirby Introductory Piano Program.

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Taught in small groups, students will develop listening skills through ear training, fine motor skills through hand games and finger exercises both on and off the keyboard, and some basic knowledge of pitch and dynamics. The lesson content for this new Preparatory Music Class has been developed from the original Kelly Kirby Teachers’ Manual published at the University of Toronto in the 1930’s as part of their Royal Conservatory program for children. The Kelly Kirby Introductory Piano Program then went on to become the foundation program for thousands of young children attending classes at the Conservatory and throughout music schools and studios across North America.

Class Highlights:

  • Fun with rhythm sticks, drums, and scarves
  • Songs introducing staccatto, legatto, pitch, tone, and dynamics
  • Promoting music appreciation and creativity in children and getting them excited about future music lessons

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